• 22 April، 2021

PayPal enhances employee collaboration and reduces data silos with Microsoft Teams

The tremendous effect that PayPal has had, both upon the banking industry and how people manage their money, is one of the great successes of the digital age. A driving force behind the last 20 years of modernization in its industry, this Fortune 500 company is constantly on the lookout for new ways to innovate. Over the years, this has meant that the company, which operates in more than 200 markets around the world, has adopted a number of communication and collaboration tools.


In 2018, PayPal conducted an employee survey to evaluate its communication tools. Whereas 89 percent of employees responded that they were committed to a culture of collaboration, only 39 percent felt that their existing tools met their needs. The company’s mix of on-premises and cloud-hosted services worked well enough for localized employee groups but lacked the cohesion, stability, and features of a unified collaboration and communication solution. The survey results also highlighted limited conferencing capabilities as a particularly pronounced pain point.


“When you have such a global workforce, it’s really important that they’re able to connect face to face, even if they can’t be in the same physical space,” says Nora Grasham, Senior Director of Employee Technology and Experiences at PayPal.


PayPal needed to unify its communications through a modern collaboration platform that would empower employees to work together from anywhere, on any device. After studying the options available, the company concluded that Microsoft Teams, with its advanced features, ubiquitous accessibility, and integrated Microsoft 365 security, best met its needs.

“To operate as a single global group, we needed to work from a single platform,” says Dan Torunian, Vice President of Employee Technology and Experiences and Data Centers at PayPal. “Microsoft Teams gave us increased productivity and collaboration, along with the increased security of Office 365, the ability to do data archiving, data retention—and the sense that each of us is equally part of PayPal, no matter where we work.”