• 22 April، 2021

SAP-Savvy Digital Workers: The New Wave of Enterprise Automation

It’s 2021, and your company has fully embraced the idea of a hybrid workforce; humans working alongside digital workers that provision AI skills where necessary to accomplish highly complex activities at scale. Now imagine that these same digital co-workers could access a pre-built library of reusable automation objects for the most common SAP transactions and instantly know how to operate SAP, including S/4HANA!



Thanks to the Blue Prism Innovation Centre, this is now a reality. Among all the new and exciting product releases from Blue Prism in 2020, the Blue Prism Accelerators for use with SAP ERP are by far my favorite. The release of this new SAP competency was a watershed moment for the world of automation, and I hope everyone will appreciate the significance of it.



customers have seen a 50-90% acceleration in their automation development of SAP through utilizing our accelerators. This includes competencies in financial accounting, sales and distribution, materials management, and many of the most common SAP modules. Hundreds of T-codes have been automated and can be easily adjusted without coding to meet any level of SAP customizations for any company.



Also, the accelerators can solve the global human labor shortage for SAP expertise as well as help companies who have invested in SAP upskill their current workforce (human or digital).



The enterprise app saga


Enterprise applications (EA) will be with us until the end of time. Implementing these systems is a major investment of money, time, resources. It’s not uncommon for many people to get reassigned to an EA implementation project and never return to their day job. It’s one of those ‘black holes’ in companies that some try to avoid. For others, EA projects have been career-defining moments, assuming they go well and come in on time and at or under budget.



In my consulting career prior to joining Blue Prism, I had many different experiences with enterprise apps. I was never really a bona fide ERP guy, but even so, I was frequently asked to do quality and risk reviews of large ERP implementations.


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