• 22 April، 2021

Blue Prism Mentors Young People for a Digital Future

Partnership with EY Foundation offers a 10-month mentoring program to students from low-income backgrounds 


While it’s predicted that automation will result in a net increase of 58 million jobs, the digital skills gap widens globally, leaving a greater need for young people to embrace digital learning. Blue Prism’s work with the EY Foundation highlights that these promising job prospects should be available to all young people. Given that a majority of these jobs are set to be higher-skilled, it’s imperative that businesses and institutions prepare people for higher-skilled jobs and give students from less advantaged backgrounds, especially, access to the education and tools to progress within this exciting sector.



On April, 10 young people will join the 10-month Tech Smart Futures program and through paid work experience with Blue Prism they will have the opportunity to gain a variety of transferable skills. They will also receive guidance and advice from a mentor throughout, helping them to identify their next steps in education.



Through the continued collaboration with the EY Foundation, Blue Prism will build a more diverse workforce and gain a deeper understanding of how to attract and retain young talent. Not only will this set up local students for success in the workplace, but it will also prepare Blue Prism to serve its increasingly diverse customer base.