• 22 April، 2021

Blue Prism Introduces Consumption Based Pricing for Automation

An industry-first, new pay-as-you-go option gives enterprises the flexibility to scale automation as needed. 


The alternative pricing option is designed to help new and existing Blue Prism Cloud customers respond adeptly to unexpected or anticipated spikes in demand for intelligent automation that fall outside of their existing digital worker license agreements. This flexible pricing model highlights Blue Prism’s commitment to making intelligent automation more accessible; offering enterprises differentiated options and choices when building out strategies and managing their robots.


Instead of purchasing additional licenses, customers pay for temporary digital workers when they are needed. Organizations can act quickly to meet demand, giving them a competitive edge and peace of mind brought by being able to rely on a ‘reserve’ of digital capacity for busy periods.



One Blue Prism customer already benefitting from this is HealthDrive. HealthDrive administers an extensive network of medical and dental providers serving the needs of residents in more than 2,500 long-term care facilities across the U.S. The inherent flexibility of a consumption-based pricing model gives HealthDrive the extra automation support they need during hectic open enrollment seasons.